We’re here to help make CERTIFY solutions easy to implement.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us! We also have a Technical FAQ below your reference.

Technical FAQ

What operating systems does CERTIFY work on?

CERTIFY works on web portals, APIs, and client applications that are supported by multiple platforms.

Do you work on a Citrix environment?

CERTIFY supports both Citrix (Citrix 6.x and 7.x) and non-Citrix environments.

What types of interfaces are supported by CERTIFY?

CERTIFY can be interfaced using 2.x or 3.x HL7 standards, FHIR standards, or direct API interfacing. Custom integration can be developed as well.

Do you have special bandwidth requirements?

The bandwidth requirement is based on the use at any customer location. However, an individual transaction requires very little internet bandwidth. Typically, our solution will work on your existing ISP and allocated bandwidth without requiring any modification.

Are you a hosted or on-premise based model?

We are primarily a hosted solution. In special circumstances, an on-premise model can exist (for example, for government applications).

What are your recommendations for biometric readers?

CERTIFY solutions are hardware agnostic, and can be deployed using almost any hardware a client chooses. For a more detailed list and recommendations based on how you’ll be deploying the product, please contact your salesperson to set up a discussion and discovery call. CERTIFY also offers a turnkey hardware solution, CERTIFY QuickTouch.

If you have an existing reader or a preference that is not in our offering, then we are happy to work with that hardware.

What is the typical integration approach?

CERTIFY partners with leading vendors in various industries to establish interfaces to the product sets that can be deployed to clients using those applications. For example, vendors in the healthcare industry can include EHR and PM systems; and finance vendors may include banking, payment systems, and retail. For new clients that use applications that CERTIFY doesn’t have an existing relationship with, we’ll engage the application vendor to scope and implement an integration solution free of charge.

What types of encryption and security are used?

We use a variety of security and encryption methodologies in various aspects of the platform, that include VPN tunneling, HTTPS, SSL/TLS 2.0, full disk encryption, and encryption at the database layer. CERTIFY is also hosted in Tier 4 Data Centers that are monitored 24-7.

What credit card processors do you support?

CERTIFY can work with any existing credit card processor a client desires.

What is the advantage to a hosted model?

Because CERTIFY is hosted and stores its information in a federated system, clients are able to deploy on both small and large scales in a short time frame – and do so in a cost-effective way. Clients can also take advantage of CERTIFY’s global database of biometric profiles without compromising any institutionally or personally identifiable data.

Can I use this with multiple systems within my line of business?

Yes, absolutely. Because CERTIFY is a hosted service, we can interface to many systems and vendors. For example, we can connect to your patient intake system, physician log-in, ERP system for biometric timestamps, and even door access.

What is involved with installing CERTIFY in my environment?

As a hosted solution provider, CERTIFY makes installation quick and simple.