The fastest, easiest way to authenticate.

CERTIFY uses revolutionary biometric authentication technology to up the chances of success for both you and your customers. Our flexible system allows you to choose any modality (fingerprint, voice, iris, etc.) for your identity management system.


Easy Implementation

Implementation into your existing systems is easy with CERTIFY's state of the art biometric software and hardware.

Used by Thousands Worldwide

Thousands currently rely on CERTIFY in healthcare and finance, making everyone's lives easier in the process.

Full Integration

CERTIFY's dedicated integrations team is here to ensure full functionality with the enterprise applications you use every day.

Impeccable Security

Using CERTIFY means you're working in a secure SaaS hosted environment.

Biometrics that serve you.

Whether you’re verifying patients’ identities or checking in frequent flyers,
we offer biometric authentication services catered to your needs.



From small doctor’s offices to large hospitals, CERTIFY works to make both doctors and patients more satisfied with their experiences.


Improve all kinds of transactions, customer verification, and other processes by using biometric authentication in your business.

Relied on by thousands worldwide.

UPMC, located in Western Pennsylvania, delivers consumer-driven healthcare to thousands of patients per year.

The Steadman Clinic

Located in Colorado, the Steadman Clinic is one of the world's best orthopaedic clinics specializing in sports medicine.