Airlines Choose CERTIFY

Get passengers to their gate with speed, accuracy, and flawless security. CERTIFY gives you a revolutionary platform approach to enable success for both you and your passengers.



With CERTIFY’s modality and hardware agnostic platform in a scalable, cloud-deployed, and fully integrated environment, your organization is able to make smarter and more accurate real-time business decisions.


Authentication Simplified.

Imagine your passengers being able to be identified with just their finger, face, voice, palm, or iris. Imagine a world where you can know exactly where your passengers, passengers’ luggage, and team members are – at any airport around the globe, in real-time. Imagine no more lines at check-in or security. Imagination is now reality.

There are a host of benefits for your airline that are all capable through CERTIFY’s cloud-based product suite.




UHF RFID Tracking

UHF RFID & Beacons

UHF RFID (ultra high frequency, radio-frequency identification) and beacons provide accurate, real-time tracking information.

  • Easily integrates into your current workflow
  • Creates a more secure and efficient environment
  • Luggage tracking with UHF RFID luggage tags
  • Unaccompanied minor tracking with UHF RFID enabled wristbands or badges
Bio-Authenticated Workstation Log-In

Bio-Authenticated Workstation Log-In

Team members are able to begin working with passengers more quickly and securely.

  • Allows team members to log in using only their biometrics (SSO, coded into LDAP)
  • Eliminates password resets
  • Provides secure access to restricted areas
  • Remote monitoring
Biometric Authentication for Passengers

Biometric Authentication for Passengers

Self-service kiosks drive process efficiency and reduce staff involvement. Biometrics make the process even easier and faster.

  • Biometric onboarding or registration at ticket purchase
  • Biometric authentication at check-in and ticket pick-up
  • Biometric verification during unaccompanied minor drop-off and pick-up
  • Advanced tech including liveness detection and fusion biometrics
Patented Technology

Patented Technology

CERTIFY is unique in many ways, and especially so with our patented technologies CERTIFY Score™ and BioSign™.

  • Score™ is embedded within our innovative platform, providing real-time data analysis and authentication metrics.
  • BioSign™ allows an individual’s biometric factors to become an irreplaceable signature with a corresponding QR code.

Solutions Driven by Innovation

Unaccompanied Minors Program

Unaccompanied Minors Program

Children are never unattended when you rely on advanced UHF RFID technology to keep up with their whereabouts.

  • Biometrics are registered during online pre-registration
  • Biometric authentication at drop-off and pick-up
  • Automatic text message alerts and updates
  • UHF RFID wristband for accurate, real-time tracking
  • Beacons for additional tracking security

Biometric Passenger Check-in

Biometric Passenger Check-in

Biometric authentication – which provides speed and reliability – is your key to providing a seamless passenger experience.

  • Biometrics are registered at ticket purchase
  • Purchase tickets remotely on web or mobile
  • Biometric authentication at boarding pass pick-up
  • Passengers can go to a self-service kiosk or a team member

Luggage Tracking

Luggage Tracking

Passengers are able to keep a tighter grip on their belongings, and close supervision prevents overall tampering.

  • UHF RFID in luggage tags for accurate tracking
  • Alerts when luggage is in someone else’s possession
  • Alerts if passenger mistakenly takes the wrong bag
  • Reports duration of staff possession of passenger luggage

And much more...

And much more...

Implementing biometric authentication technology and UHF RFID in your existing systems will make your team and your passengers happier. Here are some other solutions that CERTIFY provides:

  • Passenger monitoring
  • TSA Fast Lane Partnership
  • Airport lounge check-in
  • Biometric log-in on online airline portals