Property Owners Choose CERTIFY.

No matter how many visitors and staff are flowing in and out of your property, CERTIFY is here to help you keep track of it all. Don’t worry about tedious access and security issues – CERTIFY will take care of it, from check-in to real-time tracking.



With CERTIFY’s modality and hardware agnostic platform in a scalable, cloud-deployed, and fully integrated environment, you’ll be enabled with real-time RFID tracking, smarter security, and better customer service for your property.

Authentication Simplified

Imagine a world where you can know exactly where your visitors and team members are, anywhere on your property – in real-time. Imagine a world where visitors completely check themselves in, never need to wait in line, and use their fingerprint as their ID. CERTIFY can make that reality for you.

There are a host of benefits for your property that are all capable through CERTIFY’s cloud-based product suite.

property authentication simplified
Biometric Authentication for Guests

Biometric Authentication for Visitors

Self-service kiosks drive process efficiency and reduce staff involvement. Biometrics make the process even easier and faster.

  • Biometric onboarding or registration for regular visitors
  • Biometric authentication at front desk
  • Biometric access to specific areas depending on clearance
  • Advanced tech such as liveness detection and fusion biometrics
UHF RFID Tracking

UHF RFID Tracking

UHF RFID (ultra high frequency, radio-frequency identification) provides accurate, real-time tracking information.

  • Creates a more secure and efficient environment
  • UHF RFID enabled badges track visitors and staff, alerting you if they stray to unauthorized areas
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
Bio-Authenticated Workstation Log-In

Bio-Authenticated Workstation Log-In

Staff will spend less time dealing with identification and security issues, leaving more time to focus on your business.

  • Allows staff to log in using only their biometrics
  • Eliminates time-consuming password resets
  • Provides secure access to restricted areas
  • Remote monitoring
Patented Technology

Patented Technology

CERTIFY is unique in many ways, and especially so with our patented technologies CERTIFY Score™ and BioSignature™.

  • Score™ is embedded within our innovative platform, providing real-time data analysis and authentication metrics.
  • BioSignature™ allows an individual’s biometric factors to become an irreplicable signature with a QR code.

Solutions Driven by Innovation

Personnel & Asset Tracking

Personnel & Asset Tracking

With CERTIFY’s UHF RFID tags, readers, and antennas, you can implement real-time visitor, staff, and asset management. Deployed using simple badges and wristbands, CERTIFY’s UHF RFID solution creates a more secure and efficient environment.

  • UHF RFID visitor passes, wristbands, and badges
  • UHF RFID integrated into current staff member IDs
  • Real-time tracking for more comprehensive activity supervision

Visitor Authentication & Access

Visitor Authentication & Access

With a fully integrated visitor check-in and registration platform, CERTIFY lifts the burden of integration and maintenance. Access is multi-lingual, visitor-facing, and customizable.

  • UHF RFID visitor passes, wristbands, and badges
  • Biometric access to building and specific areas
  • Front desk visitor entrance alerts
  • Personalized greetings