Physicians and Administrators Choose CERTIFY.

Whether you have a physician’s office or hospital systems with multiple EHR’s and offices, CERTIFY is with you every step of the way to empower your organization and make authentication easy. Get back to helping your patients – let CERTIFY take care of everything else, from integration to patient identification.


“The implementation of biometric registration is another example of how UPMC is using technology in a swiftly changing health care landscape to improve the customer experience and to ensure that the right care is delivered to the right patient every time.” — Ed McCallister
UPMC Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer



You can have the power of biometric authentication at your fingertips, whether you run a doctor’s office, hospital health system, pharmacy or insurance company.

Authentication Simplified

Imagine your patients being able to be identified at the touch of a finger. Imagine your staff being able to log in with any biometric of their choosing, such as fingerprint, voice, or iris. Imagine no more duplicate medical records. Imagination is now reality.

All of CERTIFY’s products are available at the touch of a tablet or a click of a mouse. There are a host of benefits for your healthcare organization that are all capable through CERTIFY’s cloud-based product suite.

Fingerprint Reader

Positive Patient Identification (PPID)

PPID is an advanced biometric identity and authentication system that streamlines the arrival and check-in process.

  • Integrates into your current workflow
  • Ensures the right care is provided to the right patient
  • Eliminates the need to have patients present IDs and insurance cards for verification

Bio-Authenticated Workstation Log-In

This feature allows clinicians to serve their patients more quickly and securely.

  • Allows physicians and staff to login to a computer or application by using only their biometric
  • Drives greater compliance
  • Reduces risk for lost or stolen passwords and prevents password ‘sharing’

Kiosk at Check-In and Check-Out

Self-service kiosks drive process efficiency and higher data collection quality, and reduce staff involvement.  Patients perform their own check-in process, including:

  • Scanning IDs
  • Signing compliance forms
  • Capturing or updating demographic information
  • Collection of copay and balances

E-Prescription (EPCS)

Enabling ePrescribing of controlled substances with biometrics makes the entire process more efficient.

  • Allows physicians to quickly and easily perform 2nd factor authentication and meet DEA requirements
  • Eliminates need for hard token cryptographic or one-time password devices


CERTIFY QuickTouch Kiosk

Everything you need to check in and check out all your
patients, all in one integrated patient-facing kiosk.
  • Integration with your Practice Management System or EHR
  • Demographic Updates
  • Real-time insurance verification and updates
  • Customizable workflow and screens
  • Customer initiated payments and copay
  • E-Document signing and secure bio-signature signing


Essentially the nervous system embeded within the CERTIFY platform that provides for real-time data analysis and on demand metrics around authentication.

  • Uses patented scoring & advanced algorithms to determine appropriate responses and routing to critical & non-critical events
  • Enables you with the ability to maintain tighter controls on data alignment, discrepancies, identifiers, and any resulting actions


CERTIFY Dashboard

See the bigger picture with CERTIFY Dashboard, our centralized web-enabled portal.

  • Allows you to view, configure, and access various data and information regarding your CERTIFY installed platform
  • Access security and account management, critical time sensitive information, utilization statistics, static and    dynamic reports, performance metrics, scoring thresholds, and much more



Protecting you is one of our top priorities. We’re dedicated to preventing fraud, protecting data, securing all web and client applications, adhering to industry-leading standards, and setting policies across our organization.

  • Secured web and client applications
  • Live monitoring to stop fraud before it happens
  • Secure network, servers, and data
  • Monitored and encrypted transactions to detect and prevent suspicious behavior



CERTIFY is integrated to other trusted pieces of software you use for practice and for electronic health record management. We love integrating to new products and are always adding new partners.



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