Banks and Financial Institutions Choose CERTIFY.

From day-to-day business operations to interactions with customers and insurers, CERTIFY supports your security & compliance initiatives and requirements.



With CERTIFY’s modality and hardware agnostic platform in a scalable, cloud-deployed, and fully integrated environment, you’ll be enabled with real-time RFID tracking, smarter security, and better customer service for your organization.

Authentication Simplified

Imagine a world where you and your customers feel safer in all transactions. Imagine a world where people can deposit and withdraw money from the ATM with the touch of a finger. Imagine never needing to wait in line, never having to worry about fraud, and never having a dissatisfied customer.

There are a host of benefits for your organization that are all capable through CERTIFY’s cloud-based product suite.

hospitality authentication simplified
Biometric Authentication for Guests

Biometric Authentication for Customers

Increase security of financial transactions and enhance customer experience by implementing biometric authentication.

  • Biometric authentication using fingerprints, iris, and facial recognition
  • Reduces risk of identity theft and fraud
  • Eliminates the need for cards
Bio-Authenticated Workstation Log-In

Bio-Authenticated Workstation Log-In

Staff will spend less time dealing with identification and security issues, leaving more time to focus on your business.

  • Allows staff to log in using only their biometrics
  • Eliminates time-consuming password resets
  • Provides secure access to restricted areas
  • Remote monitoring

Full Integration

CERTIFY brings authentication capabilities to the applications and enterprise systems that you use every day. You will save time, simplify your business workflow, and create a more connected banking system.

  • Cross platform integration
  • App development capable
  • Custom integration enablement
Patented Technology

Patented Technology

CERTIFY is unique in many ways, and especially so with our patented technologies CERTIFY Score™ and BioSign™.

  • Score™ is embedded within our innovative platform, providing real-time data analysis and authentication metrics.
  • BioSign™ allows an individual’s biometric factors to become an irreplicable signature with a QR code.

Solutions Driven by Innovation

ATM Biometric Authentication

ATM Biometric Authentication

Self-service kiosks drive process efficiency and increase customer satisfaction and convenience. Biometrics make the process even easier and faster.

  • Biometric authentication such as fingerprints, iris, and facial recognition
  • Reduces risk of fraud
  • Eliminates the need for cards

BioSign™ for Documents

BioSign™ for Documents

Customers face a lot of paperwork for mortgages, loans, credit, and more. CERTIFY helps make the process easier on customers while making compliance and data organization simpler for you.

  • Sign important documents with just a fingerprint
  • Complete forms, documentation, and sign Terms & Conditions
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud

home or in office using biometrics

And much more...

  • Access from home or in office using biometrics
  • CERTIFY Alert for potential fraudulent activity
  • Secure wire transfers from anywhere ∙ End-to-end encryption